It’s Been a While

5 12 2011

The fall was very busy at PCC.  Hunting for the most part was good but we did have a few slow weeks thrown in there as well, which is typical when it comes to animal movement.  I believe the last blog update was around the end of the deer hunt.  Our non-resident hunters were all successful.  Then it was my turn.  I feel a little selfish at this time of year but pursuing mature whitetails is some what of a sickness.  I was very fortunate to take ten days for myself and plant my butt  in a tree.  I had  more fun hunting this year than I ever have.  Just the opportunity to sit in a tree is enough for me but the amount of deer I saw sure did help.  Remember, this is big woods hunting, you don’t see as many deer as you would in agriculture areas.  I logged 8 full days and 3 partial days, seeing 24 bucks and 3 does.  It was my last day to hunt, I saw a doe at 7:30am and one at 8:00am, 20 minutes later a mature buck showed himself right on the tracks of the last doe.  I knew he was not the biggest buck I have ever taken but definitely had the most mass.  The buck had over 42 inches of mass measurements and more than anything he was mature.  The date was November 22nd, definitely after the prime rut.  I believe this is one of the best times to kill a mature buck, that is 2 years in a row for me that a mature buck has fallen well after the peak of the rut.  You may have noticed that I had only seen 3 does, that tells me that our buck to doe ratio is still in check which makes hunting that much more exciting.  All the little tricks of the trade can work on these curious bucks that are trying to find a doe,  but really the best secret isn’t a secret, simply time in the stand is the key.  For those of you who live in cold weather areas one tool that I can’t believe I never owned is the “Heater Body Suit”.  This garment kept me on stand in weather that I probably could never last a whole day hunting without.  I strongly recommended this suit for the hunters that are serious about putting long hours in on the stand. 

Over all the deer population seemed to be OK.  In all of our scouting we did not see as much mature buck sign as we had seen in the past.  I personally did not hear of to many mature bucks taken this year.  Talking with trappers, hunters and people in the MNR it seems that last winter may have taken its toll on some deer in some areas, unfortunately mature bucks are usually the first to go in a tough winter.  This winter is starting out fairly mild, only a few inches of snow on the ground compared to last year at this time where we had 2 feet.   If  the winter doesn’t pile up to much snow for a long period of time those 3 1/2 year old deer we saw this year could be fun to hunt next year.  Believe me, I am already counting the days until I can sit in a tree from dark to dark crashing big horns together.  I hope you all had a fun and safe hunt this year and I look forward to hearing many of your stories in days and weeks to come.

Our Blog server was acting up the last week or so and we didn’t get to wish everyone south of the border a Happy Thanksgiving, our apologies.  Betty and I are wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  Our 2012 season is really shaping up to look like another great year.  We both are excited to see you all again.

One last note to end this blog.  A big change in 2012 will be License Distribution.  PCC WILL NO LONGER OFFER HUNTING OR FISHING LICENSE AT CAMP.  Dutchies General store 8 miles north and Bobby’s Corner in Vermilion Bay are just 2 close alternatives.  The Outdoor Cards that many of you have will be used this coming year and PCC will not have the proper hardware to distribute the paperless license.   





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