Late Season Scouting

8 12 2011

If you have the drive to chase mature whitetail buck’s around in October and November do yourself a favor and get out now for some late season scouting.  If you still haven’t filled your tag you may want to find some bedding areas close to a major food source.  Bucks at this time of year usually have two things on their mind, FOOD and REST.  Many times that buck you are after is very close to that food source, make sure the wind is right take a nice Christmas Buck.  But if you have put a tag on an animal their may not be a better time to scout for next year than right now.  This years sign is still there and with less forage and maybe some snow on the ground the sign will stick out like a beacon in the night.  Scouting at this time of year may confirm, disregard, or even surprize some of your assumptions that you had during the year.  I don’t have to tell you that scouting and tramping around during the season is the worst thing you can do, as tempting as it may be.

Yesterday I spent the day in the bush scouting for next year and boy was I surprized.  I seen fresh sign that was not in areas on November 20th and seen more sign that confirmed the areas we were hunting were bang on.  Just like fishing, we always talk about the “spot inside the spot” .  This time of year is perfect to fine tune your stand position keeping the wind direction number one in your planning.  If the holiday season is just to busy, the sign that the bucks leave behind is not going anywhere.  Be sure to take a day or two in March, also a great time to scout, new and old rubs will still be detectable along with scrapes, and as a bonus you may even find a shed or two.

We are heading into town today, -30 with the wind chill.

Early winter kill of a young buck.  Let’s go wolf hunting!




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