14 03 2012

Mother nature has turned perfect conditions into what can only be describe as SLUSH and a lot of it.  Our local lakes have at least a foot or more of slush on them right now making fishing tough, to say the least.  The right machine even has trouble getting around and when you get to where you want to go, you and everything you own is wet.  Not much fun.  Conditions in Ear Falls and north have not been as bad.  Limits of walleye were reported over the weekend from several local favorites including Ogani.  In this area we are waiting for the ice to lift so the water will run off the ice, and with daytime temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s for the next  5 days or so, it might just happen.  In the mean time we’ll be trying to lure a wolf into one of our bait sites. The winter has been fairly easy for the deer and moose, a nice break for the animals.  Shed hunting will be right around the corner along with spring scouting for this falls hunt.  Excellent way to find last years sign that you may have missed. 




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