26 03 2012

Although there may be a few inches of bad ice left on the majority of the lakes in this area, for the most part ice fishing is over.  Personally the ice fishing season was over before it started.  After the lakes lifted and the slush was gone the temps skyrocketed, ice became iffy in a matter of days. I did not get out very much but trout fishing action was very good last Thursday, a bunch of us braved the 6 inches of bad ice and caught 12 trout with plenty of misses, in just a few hours, lot of action.  Friday the ice already had turned bad and our season was over.  Creeks are all open, ducks and geese are all arriving back from their winter in the south.  We had our first pair of Golden Eye ducks hit one of our boxes over the weekend. 

The early melt has everyone hoping for big spring rains, water levels are down throughout NW Ontario and forest fire risks are already being talked about.  Just like the weather in the mid-west the warm March is quite unbelievable.  If the warm weather continues and water temps heat up, the opener of walleye season could be extremely exciting.  Fish could spawn early and start to school up sooner than in earlier years, only time will tell.




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