Good Day

30 03 2012

Fresh air, good exercise, and a little information for this falls hunt was the result of a four-hour walk in the bush yesterday.  Call it scouting or just cabin fever, with compass and GPS in hand, I let game trails take me where they may.  It seemed that our deer population where I walked yesterday is in great shape.  Surprisingly enough, I did not find one winter kill, although I have heard many reports of winter killed deer.  If you get a chance before the forest near you gets too green,  get out and have a walk, quite refreshing to say the least.  4 inches of fresh snow fell this morning just to let us know winter is not totally gone.  We had some precipitation this week that helped water levels and kept fire risks low but much more is needed.

Although I haven’t had enough winter yet there is a good reason for all the ice and snow to be gone, the “Walleye Spawn”.  After the ice melts and water temps are in the mid to high 30’s, male walleye will start to move into spawning areas awaiting the females to arrive, this usually happens when water temperatures are closer to 40 degrees.  Did you know: In this area, it may take 8 years for a female to reproduce.  A 7 to 9-year-old walleye is around 18 inches, a female walleye will lay 25,000 eggs per pound on average.    To locate spring walleye you can start with current, where rivers, streams, or feeder creeks enter a body of water is a good start.  A side note, not all walleye spawn in these areas and if you can find main lake spawners away from traditional current areas you just may have “a hot spot” all to yourself.  Hard-bottom, gravel or sand bars may be the spot but I have found marshy areas, although not conventional, will sometimes hold spawning fish.  Keeping it simple is usually the ticket for me, a simple jig and minnow on the bottom, fishing slow.  Anyone who reads this blog gets tired of hearing slow down, fish slow, gotta be on the bottom, sorry, I even get tired of myself saying those things but that’s what it takes in cold water spring fishing.  You have to be on the bottom because that is the walleye strike zone. 

Being a bit old school and a monofilament guy forever, this year I am going to step into the present and try fishing with 10lbs Power Pro, a braided line (2 pound diameter) with a fluorocarbon leader.  I am hoping to get rid of the twist and stretch that is common with mono.  The barrel swivel between the fluoro and braided takes the twist out and you can still reap the sensitivity benefits of braided.  Being able to fish small jigs (1/8 oz.) and yet staying on the bottom is key.

 Good last day of ice fishing, check out how bad the ice looks.  March 22nd.





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