A Good Friday It Was

7 04 2012

Betty and I hope that you and your families will enjoy a happy and healthy Easter weekend.  

Lots of action in the fish world this week.  Northern Pike filled Pickerel Creek and the marshy bays of area lakes. The annual spawn took off and is probably already over.  Our creek still has several lingering fish making a rutkus. Water temps in many creeks hit 42 degrees which is a magic number for the walleye spawn which has started in many bodies of water.  Some lakes still have a thin layer of ice and temps may be a little cool but I could see all walleye in spawning mode by the end of next week, definately a few weeks early this year. 

Betty, Barry and myself took advantage of Good Friday and went on an adventure.  9 miles by quad to get to a favorite bush lake only to find out that half the lake was still covered by ice.  The strong south wind had moved the large sheet of ice enough where we could get out to one of our go to points.  Feeling confident that we could break the ice if we had to, in case of a wind shift, we carried on.  Setting up on the point we had 3 fish in the boat within the first 10 minutes.  Instead of fighting the wind we let it blow the the boat up against the sheet of ice and we verticle jigged in place.  The three of us caught and released several limits of nice lake trout, a day for the memory bank for sure.

Notice the ice behind the boat.



A shore lunch with a few laughs, truly a Good Friday!





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