14 04 2012

Of coarse we do not have Mayflies yet but with an early spring and early spawn we could have an early hatch.  Water temps are on the rise, eagles are in all the creeks feasting on northern pike and walleye as I write.  Last year at this time we were venturing out on snow machines for the last day of the walleye season and even fishing on the ice until the 24th of April.  A hatch could very well happen early this year.  Fishing for walleye during a hatch can be challenging but not impossible.  When water temps are right, among a few other things, the bottom of our lakes come alive with not just Mayflies but numerous other aquatic bugs, and its true, fish love them.  Water temps trigger a morphing stage and many of the larva turn into flying bugs.  This sets a stage for a feeding frenzy, not only are walleye feeding on larva, the bug itself, but also the smaller fish that are feeding on the larva.  Much of this feeding happens after dark, check your local rules and regs before you take on a night time fishing adventure.  The larva live in soft mud bottoms out in the basin of the lakes, a perfect place to start your search.  Visual structure on shore really does not help the angler at this time.  Another spot to consider is a transition area from a hard bottom to a mud bottom.  Larva which sometimes hatch on a hard bottom will be looking to bury themselves and will be crawling to the closest soft bottom areas.  Many people will slow troll spinners or floating rigs across open basins with soft bottoms.  Personally I stick with a jig and minnow, and at this time I prefer a 1/4 oz compared to the standby 1/8 oz jig.  I like the open basins or even will try the bays that are large but shallow and slowly drag your jig. Keep in mind larva usually hatch in deeper water though. Dragging the jig through the mud creates a disturbance on the soft bottom and attracts fish to your bait, stay away from the jigging or pumping action.  We have customers that do very well every year on crank-baits during the hatch.  Remember the positive aspect of a large hatch is the fish are on the feed, they are feeding heavily.  Be in the right areas and you will still catch fish during a hatch.  You may have to adapt and find where the hatch is taking place on your lake.  Something to keep in mind for those of you who venture north this June.

Walleye fishing closes today and will re-open the third Saturday in May.  Just another reminder to get your fishing licence before you get to camp.  Eagle Junction and Bobby’s Corner on Route 17, Dutchies General Store 8 miles north of camp will all have your fishing licence for you.  Remember to bring your Outdoor cards.





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