3 05 2012

ImageOnly 16 days until opening day of walleye season here in NW Ontario.  Walleye in this area have been done spawning for approximately 2 weeks now.  Its kind of funny but further north towards Red Lake it is quite possible the walleye finished their spawn over 3 weeks ago.  Suckers started their spawn over two weeks ago in the Red Lake area.  Suckers started about a week ago in this area and are peaking right now.  Water levels are extremely low throughout NW Ontario and fire risks are high.  Everyone here in the north is praying for rain and lots of it.

A trip to the outpost last week started off extremely exciting as we were able to take a few pictures of the elusive Woodland Caribou.  We were surprised to confirm that walleye and suckers had finished spawning.  The falls at the cabin is a spring time spawning spot were you can see fish in the rapids swimming like salmon, but this year the falls were quite when we were there.  Water temps are in the low 50’s which could be the makings of an excellent opener.  There is a good chance females will be rested and opening weekend could be the time to catch that trophy fish.  Trout seem to still be deep with fish being caught in the 50 ft range.







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