Getting Close

15 05 2012

The 2012 walleye season opens in just a few days and water temps seem to be prime.  In general, walleye have been done spawning here in the north west for at least a couple of weeks, longer on some bodies of water.  Even suckers finish their annual spawn a week or so ago but there are reports of some spawning on cooler bodies of water. Water temps are ranging in the fifties, on the bush lakes we like to fish early, we are looking at temps in the high 50’s and by the opener this weekend, we could very well hit the low 60 mark. Walleye have had at least a couple of weeks to rest up and we could see a very good opener this year with big females being landed.

Flying ants have hatched and many of you know what that does to the trout.  The Ludwig group from WS. will arrive today and get after the lakers.  Trout will be up shallow and will be feeding heavy.

Betty and I are busy getting ready for our guest which are all starting to roll in this week, we look forward to see many of you very soon.  Fishing reports will be more frequent as the season carries on.  Stay tuned.




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