Stand Corrected

20 05 2012

With water temps in the low 60’s and an early spring I truly thought opening day of walleye season was going to be fantastic, that was not the case.  I only have reports from the Perrault Falls area and they were all the same.  Slow, fair, OK, and tough were the adjectives used to describe opening day.  Even trout seemed to have shut off yesterday as my opening day prediction fell short.  Conditions seem to be perfect and hopefully the fish will turn on today.  There are some hatches going on right now that could influence the bite, mud flats would be a spot to try.  Fish are not in their normal spots for this time of year.  Small Mouth Bass are already on their beds, a few week early for sure.  Animals have been on the move, a last trip to finish up a few things at the outpost yeilded the sighting of 11 bear and 4 moose.  Fisherman on Pickerel Lake got to witness a cow moose swim across the lake which is always a cool sight to see.  A few pics of opening day below.

Tony Rollo and Sammy Barlin


Mitchel Hall from Winnipeg


The Ludwig Group from the 16th of May.





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