Little Better

21 05 2012

Fishing picked up across the board yesterday.  The numbers still are not where I thought they should be but everyone had a better day and caught nice stringers of walleye.  There is definitely a hatch going on.  Fisherman on the far end of our lake reported seeing mayflies and some of our shallower bush lakes have had the same sightings.  Personally I have not seen a hatch this early.  We have to move around to find some fish.  I have not heard of any reports where you can get on one spot and catch limits of fish, that could change quickly if more of these yearly hatches start happening and fish begin to school in those areas.  I have said it a few times but a favorite technique for myself is “dragging” a jig and minnow in muddy bottoms, once again fishing slow. If you can find transition areas between soft and hard bottoms, larvae will pile up there and that’s where the fish will be.  It is more difficult to catch numbers of walleye when hatches are going on, but not impossible.  Many people drift a spinner rig across the soft bottom basins and do very well.  I am not completely sold on color for walleye fishing, but I am hearing a lot of talk about “white”, always a good color but seems to be working right now. Another subtle tip, when fish are not jumping in the boat, down size to a 1/8 oz. jig or even 1/16 oz. tipped with a smaller minnow can be all it takes to put more fish in the boat.  Larva and nymphs are small, matching the hatch may help.




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