End of Week One

25 05 2012

Over all fishing after the first week of walleye season was OK, not great, not bad.  Our outpost was a bright spot for the week.  Our guest enjoyed catching as many walleye as they dared to.  Hundreds of males stuck around the falls to feed after there hard fought spawn.  The numbers that were caught and released were insane, too many to say, you would think it was a fish story.  Fishing in the area picked up a bit from the not so good opener but numbers are still down.  The fish on big water are still close to their spawning grounds but are slowly moving out.  I have heard some excellent reports further north but they are few.  Fish are in transition between spring and summer patterns.  This is a period that you normally would see towards the end of June.  Being mobile as I have said before really helped all of our guest catch fish this week, its amazing how one body of water is on and another off.  We have been getting some rain to cut down the fire risks but not enough to raise water levels, which are still extremely low for this time of year.

First batch of Golden Eyes hatched this week.


Getting ready for an Adventure.






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