A Beautiful Thing

26 05 2012


Mother Nature threw wind, cold , and snow around yesterday but it didn’t stop this hen Goldeneye from hatching her ducklings yesterday.  For those of you who don’t know, Betty and I have 6 duck houses around camp that usually are always occupied during the nesting season.  There are 5 different ducks that nest in trees or “boxes”, wood ducks, goldeneye, bufflehead, hooded merganser, and common merganser.  We typically have goldeneye and hooded mergansers.  On the same day the duckling hatch, the hen will drop to the ground and call her little ones to jump out of the nesting box.  Yesterday we got to witness the little ones jumping out and the head to the creek.  Big thanks to our neighbor, Don Moore, who got us started and helped us build the boxes a few years ago.

The weather turned fishing tough yesterday but a few fish were still caught.  Marve Babcock (IA) took some advise and down sized, along with fishing slow and boated 16 nice walleye, several in the 20 inch range.  With another packed house this week I expect plenty of stories, especially with the “bush hoppers” rolling into town today.  Have a great weekend.




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