Good Day

27 05 2012

Many smiles in the fish house yesterday.  Fishing seemed to pick up a bit yesterday and everyone got into the action.  With only a couple beds empty at camp it is a good week for the fish to turn on.  Scooter and Eric Gerths had an unbelievable trout fishing experience on one of our local lakes.   They caught and released trout all day, the action was awesome.  44 feet of water was ticket and vertical jigging was the method.  Everyone on Pickerel Lake enjoyed catching walleye and a mixed bag of other local spieces.  7 to 10 feet of water for walleye, just where you would think they should be.  Female walleye may still be resting but a 30 incher was just about landed yesterday on Pickerel Lake, and it came out of 17 ft of water.  Hopefully we’lll hear from you later this week Cheryl.  The Sura’s from (MN) continued catching huge numbers at the outpost, truly an excellent start to a great year of fishing up there. Besides a quick fishing update we wanted to let you know most of our guest this week bought license online, simple and quick experience.

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