Brutle Weather

1 06 2012

Rusty Haltom with a 28″ walleye.  Very nasty day but awesome fishing.  Call it walleye weather.We have been cursed with some brutle weather this week.  The bright side is RAIN, which really hasn’t stopped in three days.  Rain, cold, and wind didn’t stop the “bush hoppers” in recording one the best days ever.  That is saying a lot because these guys always catch fish.  Below is a picture that shows how awful the weather was, but also an awesome fish caught by Rusty Haltom.  Mayflies are heavy on some bodies of water and with low light conditions they are actually hatching during the day.  Like we said before, one positive of a hatch is that it puts fish on the feed, and if you are lucky enough to be on the water when a hatch is happening you’ll surely cash in.  Huge numbers of walleye were caught Monday during a hatch.  Frank Cavanaugh and company have been putting fish in the boat just about everyday, bigger water has been slow but the bush lakes are doing pretty well.  I am finishing this blog today, the same one I started Tuesday, and things have already drastically changed.  Weather is cool, and not a cloud in the sky and the fishing seemed to slow a bit.   Fish on some lakes just have not schooled up yet, and/or just not feeding.  We have a packed house this week and it does seem that a few groups will find active fish everyday and some will not.  Pretty typical when it comes to fishing.  Our groups that went after trout yesterday even struggled, it seems the trout may have taken a dive for deeper water, at least for a while.  Lots to talk about with little time, I’ll throw some pictures up to do the writing for me.

Pictures of the Cavanaugh group from Braidwood Illinois.





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