Beautiful Weather

3 06 2012

Sunshine and warm temperatures have settled in the NW.  Fisherman are now wishing for a little of that nasty weather of last week to come back.  The walleye window seems to be short.  Long stretches with no fish and then you’ll find an active spot and catch walleye.  Major hatches are still going on and the bite will be after dark for the most part.  The walleye that have been caught are very nice fish, mostly between 19 and 22 inches.  Many fisherman are reporting throwing back several female walleye every time out.  Water levels are still low and we don’t see that getting any better with a dry upcoming forecast.  Perch action was dynamite for Irv Dombroski  and Jeff Goelz (SIU Alumni), with walleye fishing slow mid-day they turned their focus on big perch and cashed in.  They had perch in the 12 to 14 inch range making any Great Lakes perch fisherman jealous.  Much of the big water has finally picked up.  The fish are not on a summer pattern yet as many would have thought.  Fish are still close to spawning grounds but slowly moving out into the main lake basins.




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