5 06 2012

Some lakes have turned on and many have turned off.  We could blame insect hatches, sunny hot conditions, operator error, or realistically, it is what is is.  Fish don’t feed 24 hours a day and unfortunately walleye do much of their feeding at night or low light conditions.  Right now technique does’nt seems to matter, it is a question of being on the right body of water.  It is hard to believe lakes that were producing just shut off as much as they did this week.  This time of year is usually bang on for walleye everywhere, not the case right now.  We are moving around a bit and half  the camp is finding fish on a daily basis, the other half is struggling.  Reports in the area are all different, but it seems the fishing is either poor or excellent, not much in between. Next few days are hot and sunny,  not much help.




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