First Week of June?

10 06 2012

We witnessed the toughest fishing for the first week of June that I have ever seen.  Speaking with other Outfitters and Conservation Officers across the area the consensus was the same, tough fishing.  Hot, sunny, no wind, hatches, high pressure system were all possible reasons for a slow bite.  Historically speaking the first week of June is very popular and much because fishing is generally very good.  Maybe we can add an early spring to the list as well.  On Friday heavy rains came in with a lower pressure system and things seem to have picked up a bit, we’ll just have to wait and see.   The much-needed rain dropped close to 4 inches and water levels in small lakes and streams all raised significantly.  One of the bright spots of the week was the Steve Edwards group, (IA,WS,CO, and CA) they were able to catch huge numbers of walleye (100’s) at the outpost.  Fishing up there this year has been excellent all year.  Remember when I give a report its a general observation, painting with a broad brush often.  There always are people who find active fish some where and do really well.  The “bush hoppers” get credit for the pictures below.








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