Rain lots of it.

13 06 2012

Feast or famine, rain has set in and water levels are still on the rise.  First week of June was hot and dry, this week we really haven’t seen the sun.  Fishing still seems to be difficult.  I have been watching the barometer and it seems we are in a continued high pressure system.  Sometimes I sit back and say maybe we get a little spoiled.  Everyone has hit those unbelievable days when you can’t keep the walleye off your line and we look for that to happen all the time, unfortunately that does not always happen.  Everyone is catching fish but we are not having those big number days.  The outfiiters job is much easier when the fish are cooperating.  We like to have everyone have at least one or two spectaular days during the week.  I was at the outpost yesterday to check on our guest and the fishing is still bang on.  I was suprised to hear that because when I was at the landing the water was covered with Mayflies, we’ll have to see if the excellent fishing continues the rest of the week.  Summer patterns are starting to make sense.  Guys are trolling their lindy riggs and spinner rigs, the fish that are being caught are active fish.  Jeff Farero (IL) actually caught a 23 and a 24 inch walleye yesterday throwing a roostertail for pike on Pickerel Lake.  Many of the fish being caught on Pickerel are the females between 20 and 24 inches.  We have seen an increase in that size of fish since everyone has been practicing catching and releasing fish over 18″, and thank you all for doing that.  Water temps have heated up across the board in the area, 70 degrees is not uncommon on many bodies of water, mostly smaller water though.  Over all I would say fishing is OK, some people find active fish and some may struggle a little to find feeding fish.  Some pics from the last couple weeks.  The first Pic shows just how much rain we have had, the pic is from T-Bay.









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