More Rain

17 06 2012

Water levels are the highest I seen in over 2 years.  From one extreme to another, high water  opened up some opportunities last week.  Some fisherman ventured out and fished lakes that only high water would allow and others caught fish locally is high current areas.  Female walleye were caught most of all last week. Where did all the eating size males go, we don’t know.  Walleye over 20 inches up to a little over 27 inches were caught, sounds nice but numbers are still down.  Weather, water temps, and time of year seem to be perfect but not the case, it just may be one of those years that fishing really never picks up.  We have been here for 9 years now and we have had one other year like this.  Fishing at the outpost is a bright spot this year, its surprising that the male walleye have hung around the falls for so long. 

When fishing is difficult, all the important techniques of walleye fishing have to be executed.  Boat control is so important, when you actually do find a fish or two, you have to be able to stay on them, easier said than done.  I have noticed that walleye have been hanging in small areas that you need to pinpoint, you are not catching them just everywhere.   Being patient to stay on a spot  long enough to exhaust an area, sometimes we get to anxious to move, and we leave the school behind.  Down size, when things are not going the way you think they should, put on a smaller bait and keep your fishing technique simple.  These are just a couple important things to keep in mind when fishing is tough. 

A few high lights from last week were Jon Hilty caught and released a walleye over 27″, Rick and Jeff Farraro caught and released several fish a day over 20″, they found current coming into a lake and boated several nice females.  Jimmy and Heidi Hanson go onto the crappie bite the last two days and released several limits of beautiful black crappie.

More rain in the forecast this week should make things interesting for getting around.  Roads are washed out in many places but most are still passable.  I should be sending some one to the spot Betty, Shelly Franz and myself caught numerous fish 2 years ago when we had high water the first of July that year.  Maybe I should scout it out first, I’ll let you know how it was. 




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