Get in the Current

20 06 2012

Fishing reports from the majority of the area is still slow.  I took two new guest fishing yesterday and we managed to put 25 to 30 walleye in the boat.  It wasn’t easy and the action wasn’t fast but by the end of the day we did’nt do to bad considering what has been going on.  Our key yesterday was to stay on a spot that held fish and just keep at it.  We found two spots that had fish and we grinded for every fish.  You really have to take what is handed to you each day and instead of running all over trying to find something that I felt wasn’t there, we decided to fish hard where we thought the fish were.  We had a nice day.  The good reports that we have gotten have been from rivers or lakes that have lots of current coming in.  Smaller males are still inhabiting these areas and numbers are really good.  Main lake stuff is a tough bite right now whether you are fishing small bush lakes or some of our local big water.  Some of our guest turn to Small Mouth Bass fishing and are doing fairly well.  Richard Sharp (IL) boated at least 25 himself yesterday, BlueFox spinners were the ticket.  Some pics from the outpost below.

Steve Edwards (IA) and Company





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