Much the Same

28 06 2012

Fishing reports throughout the NW continue to sound the same.  Just one of those years I guess.  Our bright spot this week is the Miller Family from Fertile,Iowa.  These guys have caught 100’s of walleye this week, all on artifical bait.  They would kill me if I broad-casted the bait of choice, so for the blog, mums the word.  These guys are a perfect fit for Pickerel Creek Camp, they love to get out in the bush and fish hard to get to lakes and boy has it paid off this week.  The entire area has slow fishing but not for these guys.  It does seem that a few of our lakes are picking up a bit this week, from what I hear and see, everyone is catching fish, just not very many stellar reports.

We have not heard of any good musky stories but the first few weeks of July we will have most of our musky guys in camp and surely they will be boating some fish.  Water temps are in the mid 60’s on most water, a little higher on smaller lakes.  Weed growth is good and fish that are being caught seem to be in less than 15ft of water.  

Please be safe on the upcoming holiday and Betty and I wish you all a good summer.




One response

1 07 2012
Penny Miller

Thanks Dave and Betty for taking good care of my men! They had a blast! Dan said – say hi to your mom and dad for him! Have a great year – Dan and Penny Miller

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