They’re Back!

5 07 2012

The boys from Point (WS) are back doing their thing, catching musky, and lots of them.  These guys fish hard so its tough to get a report everyday but the first 4 days they boated 20 musky, the majority all over 40 inches.  Shorty Flees broke his personal best Canadian fish with a beautiful 51 inch musky just after a moon rise.  The duo boated a 42, 46 1/2, and a 47 1/2 all in the same night.  Actually the musky window was wide open a few nights ago and they boated all three of those fish in 30 minutes.  We have been getting a touch of the hot weather many of you are experiencing and it really sent water temps through the roof.  We are looking at mid 70’s or higher on the surface and that along with a full moon period has made musky fishing for Bob Gould and Shorty Flees dynamite.  Two weeks ago before the full moon, I got reports of awesome musky fishing in the area as well.  The fish were on rock next to deep water, this week it seems the fish have moved into shallow water in the weeds. 

Walleye reports are all much the same, slow.  With that being said I spent the day with the Ryan Hyer family guiding on a local walleye lake and for most of the day we would agree with most reports, but at 3 in the afternoon just before we were ready to pull the pin we got on a spot and were able to get on them pretty good.  By the end of the flury the Hyer boys boated 50 nice walleye the biggest was caught by Gavin Hyer, a 23 inch fish.   Goes to show even when fishing is slow you can get lucky and find some active fish.  We hit many of our go to spots with no action, then a little run and gun at the end of the day paid off.  I truly enjoyed the day with the Hyer family from Wisconsin, thanks guys.

 Bob Gould (WS)Shorty Flees (WS)51 inchGavin and Caden Hyer (WS)




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