Good Fishing

9 07 2012

Not only has the musky fishing been bang on for a couple of weeks, the walleye fishing has picked up in the last few days.  We have a crew in from Illinois that all caught fish on big water yesterday and Colin Watson’s group from Southern Ontario headed the bush  and did pretty darn good as well.  Hopefully this will be sustained and we’ll get a good summer bite from these fish.  The final tally from Bob and Shorty was 34 musky in one week of fishing and the majority of the fish were over 40 inches, that is awesome!  Water levels are not bad for this time of year and water temps are in the high 70’s.  We have been hot but cooling down overnight which is keeping water temps from getting to high.  Two of our favorite techniques for summer walleye are pulling them out of heavy vegetation or getting vertical on main lake humps.  Keep in mind these spots have one major key in common, “deep water close”.

Weeds are still producing oxygen at this time of year and walleye will get shallow,  tight in the weeds. We like to pitch a jig right in or around the beds, much like bass fishing.  Not to far from a weed bed that holds fish will be deep water.  The transition area is also a good location to try to catch fish coming and going from the bed.

Main lake humps are a blast, boat control is crucial to stay vertical over the fish.  Depending on the depths of the lake you are fishing, try to find 25 ft of water with 40 or 50 close by.  We usually throw a buoy on the shallowest part of the hump for a reference point.  Vertical jig with a minnow, this technique once you get in down is a lot of fun.





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