Summer Bonanza

28 07 2012

Fishing has picked up across the NW region of Ontario.  Walleye on big water are giving anglers fast action in good numbers and size.  Just today our family made it out on the water and caught several fish over 20 inches and the numbers were great!  Main lake flats were the answer today.  Using our electronics and a simple buoy to stay on fish almost seemed unfair.  Flats close to deep water are all worth a try right now.  Deep water close is the key, we actually fished a shallow flat 7 to 9 ft of water the size of 3 football fields, the fish seemed to be on the edge. We also did well on the drop in 17 feet of water.    Picking the right bush lake could still yield great fishing. Keep in mind, water temps are high and not every lake will be active this time of year.  The musky bite is still on, our daughter Allison and myself seen three fish and boated a small 42 incher last night.  Shallow flats, again with deep water close held all the fish that we seen.

Bear season is just around the corner and we will be starting the baits this weekend.  The bear population seems to be healthy as ever and we look forward to another awesome hunt this year.

Not sure how or why but our outpost fishing is still bang on.  Tons of fish and a few really nice northerns are being boated.  Guest are seeing many moose on their stay to make for even more stories to take home.

If anyone is thinking about a trip to NW Ontario in 2013 now is a good time to book a date, we’re always looking forward to meeting new people. Betty and I have booked several new parties in the last two weeks and cabins are filling up.  We would like to thank everyone who visited us this year…by far the busiest in 9 years, THANK YOU!


Braylen’s 19in Walleye…

Allie’s Walleye….

The Loon…

42in Muskie…

Deer swimming across the lake…




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