Hello All

9 10 2012

It’s been a while for an update, sorry for that, lots of excuses.  I think we’ll work backwards from now to August.  The guys are all in camp from Southern Ontario hunting moose.  We only have one moose down at this time and the moose seem to be resting and held up, not much movement.  The rut activity seemed to start a week early this year, bow hunters had tons of actions and many were successful. Scooter Gerths group went 2 for 2 taking two 3 1/2 yr old bulls.  For myself, guiding was full of action, we heard or seen 15 different bulls and 6 cows.  Randy Elzinga (MI) harvested a nice 3 1/2 yr old bull, the shot was only 6 ft.  Very exciting hunt, we watched the bull swim across the lake we were near and continues along the bush line until Randy let an arrow go at close range.  Jeff Shull (MI) arrowed an old mature bull that measured 55″, he was guided by our friend friend Scott Ellery. Since the archery season ended the moose have been in hiding, making the gun season a tough one thus far.

Scott Spittel and Jeff Farr (ON) took a day off from moose hunting and jumped in the boat with friend Bob Corcoran and myself for awesome late season musky action.  Mr. Spitell landed a 48″ in giant yesterday.  Musky action this time of year can be slow but with water temps at 50 degrees we are landing some nice fish and if the weather doesn’t get to miserable we should have good action for a couple of weeks.  We have had lots of rain and snow over the last week making outdoor activities a little trying.

Walleye fishing is hit and miss right now depending on what lakes you are fishing.  September was good fishing which was a god send after a very tough August.  As July ended with pretty good fishing August sent the fish deep and tough to catch.  As talking with many of you over the coarse of the year you know fishing in the NW was challenging and/or down right tough for the most part the entire year.

We had one of our best bear seasons ever.  Our hunters harvested 4 bear over 300 lbs.  The top bear just under 400lbs was taken by TJ Lavine (IL).  13 bear hunters in our south area averaged 3 days on stand and they see a total of 31 bear.

We will be in the bush for our deer hunt the end of the month and I am optimistic that we can take a few mature bucks.  Last winter was mild but with the two previous winters  that were rough on animals and an exploding wolf population, numbers are surely down in some areas.  Hopefully we’ll find a way to rattle up a couple NW Ontario giants.





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