End Of Season?

19 10 2012

Fisherman are all but gone, the last of our resident moose hunters will be leaving tomorrow, but our deer hunt is right around the corner.  The last adult moose tag was filled this week with a nice 2 1/2 year old bull.  Moose still seem to be resting but getting right in on them will still work.  Some hunters are seeing moose and a lot of sign and others are not.  Right place right time but more than anything, getting off the beaten track and being patient is the key.  Still hearing reports of deer activity which is nice considering our deer hunt starts on the 26th.  Weather remains mild and wet, we should be going into winter with above average water levels for most of the area.  Whitefish are spawning right now and fisherman are netting their limits fairly easy, they are in the feeder creeks that have lots of current, I’m getting the smoker ready.  I’m posting a few pics from this past summer since I dropped the ball for a couple of months.

Stay tuned for a new look to our website.  It should be easier for us to update so please save and send good pictures so we can keep a fresh look on our site.




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