Animals Not Moving

30 11 2012

Deer and moose activity has been a bit slow.  I have been deer hunting fairly hard this year and activity has been spotty.  Two or three days in a row we would have hardly any movement and then a day where everything seemed to be moving.  On Now 11th we had an ice storm that left over an inch of crusty ice on the ground and ever since then animal movement slowed.  The end of October and the first week of November yielded the most movement.  I don’t have a final tally of deer that I have seen this year but it will definitely be down from previous years, mostly do to the fact I got started hunting later than one would like.  With that being said I did pass a 150 class 9ptr and missed an opportunity at a true booner, really don’t want to talk about that one, I’m still sick.  Betty and I have only made it out a couple of times for moose and they seem to be holding tight as well.  It is a little more difficult for two of us to get where we need to be (because Betty has short legs)but we’ll keep at it a few more times.

The customer is always right, and request for a Facebook page is overwhelming.  So, Betty started a page for us but bare with me, it will be a slow process to get involved.




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