Much like Fishing

3 12 2012

Animal movement lately has been much like fishing this year, one day animals are moving all over and the next day you can’t cut a track of anything.  Yesterday deer were moving all over and today all was quiet.  Spent the day with Betty looking for a bull moose and things were tough.  We did not see any animals but Betty did catch some moment on a trail we were on and nailed a picture of a lynx.  We are running out of time to put a tag on a moose or deer this year but the anticipation of an opportunity is high.  Weather has turned warm (30’s) and animals with winter coats just don’t like to move much.  Colder weather moving in next weekend will give us one more opportunity to cash in.  We hope all of you had a safe hunting season and enjoyed having fun in the outdoors.

If you haven’t already looked at are new website check it out, ( we are still in the building mode and will be updating more pictures in the next week or so.  If any of you would like your pictures added please email a few pictures to

lynx 2012




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