Year End

11 12 2012

Well another season has slipped by, hard to believe.  My hunting season is officially over and some of you have been asking about the deer log, here it is.  I was able to spend 9 full days and 7 days until 2pm in a tree this year.  Very thankful for the time that I had by the way.  I seen 19 different bucks and 8 does and/or fawns, in those 16 days.  The deer really slowed up around the 12th to the 20th of November, unfortunately that is when I spent most of my time in the woods, definitely missing pre and peak rut.  Guiding and managing a deer hunt takes me out of the bush at prime time.  With that being said not a bad year.  I did pass on a 150 class 9 pointer, many would ask why, but you can’t shoot a booner if you shoot a 150″ deer first.  Several of the deer I seen this year were 3 1/2 years old and could be something special in a year or two.  3 bucks were in the 130’s and 2 over 140″.  We don’t have to talk about the booner that I did see but blew a oportunity at.   7 of the does were seen in one day and late in the season.  Hopefully the snow fall will not be to great this year and some of these deer will make it another season.  The biggest hurdle besides snow depth for a long period of time is the high wolf population, and let me tell you, there is not a shortage of wolves anywhere that I have been.  Reports from other people in the area were pretty darn good, several nice bucks taken, 2 in the 190’s.  Can’t believe we have to wait another year to do this again.  If you are a hard-core whitetail hunter there may not be a more challenging and rewarding hunt.

Two things I learned this year. Never rattle or call without being 100% ready to hunt hard for the next 20 minutes and if you plan on staying warm, which will keep you in the tree, do your self a favor and get a “Heater Body Suit”.  I hunted several below zero and single digit fahrenheit days and was laughing while in the suit.

Local fisherman were on the ice over a week ago.  Ice conditions are excellent.  Good clear ice 8 to 12 inches and even more by now with very cold temps.  The last few mornings had the mercury in the -15 F range.  Which by the way has gotten the moose finally moving.  I hunted on Sunday and cut 11 different fresh tracks but could not catch up to any of them.  Back to fishing, all reports for walleye have been very good.  Fisherman are catching limits of walleye.

Ogani Outpost 

If anyone was considering fishing at our outpost this spring we only have 1 week available, June 15th to the 22nd.  Other dates are available for summer and fall fishing.


Friends getting their winter get away  on the ice.

ice hut


Winter pic from a tour down cedar point rd.






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