10 04 2013


Does this look like spring? It seems that groundhog got it wrong.  Things here in the north are still locked in with snow and ice.  Some are worried already about having open water for the 3rd week of May.  Mother Nature hopefully will take care of things and bring in  warmer weather soon.   Trout fishing remains excellent and walleye fishing remains slow, at least for us.  We managed to get out last night for a couple of hours and did catch a few nice walleye.

A friend of ours that runs a resort in Ear Falls has archery moose tags available for unit 3.  I know many of you have been trying to get a moose tag and this is a great opportunity for someone.  Let me know and I’ll give you more information if interested.

PCC will not be supplying freezer paper this year.  Conservation Officers strongly recommend clear plastic wrap, bags, ECT.  So they can identify fish without unwrapping.  Plan accordingly.

IKE trout-1Ike with a couple of nice eaters.


scott walleyeScott caught and released this 24″ walleye.

wolves on creek-1Wolves showed up with remnants of a winter kill.


Took this picture yesterday, just kidding.

Sierra Exif JPEG





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