27 Days

22 04 2013

Old Man Winter is really hanging on.  27 Days from opener and we still have over 2 ft of ice on all of our lakes and over 2 feet of snow in the bush.  We are all looking forward to warmer weather and are hoping the ice will have melted before our busiest time of year.  Walleye season closed on the 15th of April and we were able to get out one last time with friends and catch some nice fish.  A limit of trout in the morning and a limit of walleye in the afternoon made for a great last day.  As for the weather which seems to be the biggest topic we will only have to wait and see.  Below are a couple of pictures from our last ice fishing adventure.

Deer Hunters

We have an opportunity for a small group of deer hunters for the 1st week of November.  We are looking for serious trophy hunters wanting to harvest a mature NW Ontario Whitetail.

Moose hunters

There are still 2 archery bull tags available in unit 3.  These tags are from another outfitter. (Good Friend)  Ear Falls Area.

Bear Hunters

We could fit another group of hunters in for an excellent bear hunt this August.  Our 2014 season is also filling up. If interested for this year or next give us a call soon.

Ogani Outpost

We only have capacity for one more group of fisherman at Ogani this year.  July dates available.










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