Happy Mother’s Day

12 05 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!  A big thank you out to all the moms.  Mothers not only raise our children but take care of their husbands and understand that guys that love to hunt and fish are much like big kids themselves.

Below is a picture of Jackfish Lake yesterday.  Unfortunately some lakes will still have ice on them for opener.  The smaller walleye lakes should be open by mid week but larger bodies of water could hang on for a while.  There has been reports of 10 to 12 inches of ice on many lakes as of 5.11.13.  Northern Pike are in the shallows spawning for about a week now, water temps are in the high 30’s and walleye should be starting to spawn this week.  Warmer weather is in the forecast this week and for the tourism business we can only hope for open water.

Jackfish Lake 5.11.13-1


When we harvest bear at PCC we age the bear by sending the pre-molar teeth to the biologist.  The two mature bear that were taken by Joe Tidmore and Joe Senot in 2012 were just aged at 15 and 14 years old.  Way to go guys!



Joe Tidmore 15year old bear.


Joe Senot 14 year old bear.

L Joe-1




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