19 05 2013

Cold water made for a tough opener for some. On the bright side we have open water on most of the lakes we fish. Some large bodies of water still have ice and were unable to fish, definitely a rough go for fisherman and outfitters alike. Pickerel Lake had a morning water temp of 43 and warmed up in the afternoon to around 47. Fish on Pickerel seem to have just finished spawning. The late spring has every lake in different stages at the moment. Just like a bass tourney in the mid-west,  usually some one always figures the fish out and yesterday it was Billy and Morgan Paquette from Winnipeg, MB. They caught and released over 30 nice walleye and each brought in their limit for a good feed. Shallow was the key, fish were stacked in 3 feet of water with most fisherman targeting 6 to 10. The Ludwig guys got into a flurry of small mouth bass at the end of the day and just had a ball, every cast for the better part of 30 minutes. The Robinson’s headed north to one of their opening day favorites and hit the female bite just right. They only caught 3 walleye under 18 inches. Many of their fish were in the mid 20’s and “the chief” Bob Robinson started the day off with a 29 ½ and a 27 inch walleye, definitely a great opener.
It is great to kick off the year with the same camp full of guys every year. Betty and I are looking forward to see many of you in the weeks ahead and fishing should be picking up everyday with rising water temperatures.

ice-1Trout lake on the 17th of May.

John w-1John Ludwig with an opening day Pickerel Lake Walleye.

greg trout-1Greg Henrich with a nice trout.




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