22 05 2013


Mixed fishing reports in the area that is what we are hearing.  Slow, OK and good are the adjectives being used.  An east  wind for the last week, water temps are still in the low to mid 40’s, and to add insult to injury , walleye in the fish house last night were showing up with larva in their bellies.  Slow presentation is a must right now, which makes things tough because the fish are moving around.  Fisherman are not able to catch fish consistently in the same areas day to day.  The guys that are doing the best are fishing with some type of jig and minnow, very slowly.  The morning bite is by far more productive than your afternoon bite.  The fish have been very active first thing in the morning and seem to slow down by 10am.  Yesterday morning yielded some very nice 20 to 23 inch fish mostly in very shallow water.

Sunshine is in the forecast for the next few days which should help warm the water column and get the fish more active.  Spawning is just getting done on some water and could still be going on in others.  Suckers have made it to most creek cannels signaling the end of the walleye spawn.  After a good rest fish should be ready to replenish in days to come.  Target south faces shorelines, find the warmer water.  See you soon.




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22 05 2013
Jeff Goelz

Dave and Betty…keep the blogs coming…i check every day….thanks

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