Good Problem

23 05 2013

Females walleye are at the end of their spawn and seem to be hanging around.  Reports around the area are mixed but one thing in common is big fish.  Fish in the 20 inch plus range are common and actually fish under those measurement have been hard to find.  The opportunity to have big female walleye still around after spawn, do to the late spring, doesn’t happen every year.  Some fisherman are finding these schools of fish and are cashing in.  You have very good chances of catch that 30 incher that you’ve been after.  Water temps are still in the low 40’s in the morning warming into the high 40’s in the afternoon.  Some lakes are struggling to get going and others are on fire.  Sunshine in the forecast will bring up the water temps and fisherman should start boating more numbers when the smaller males start feeding.  Trout fishing for The Gerths gang was bang on yesterday with 20 nice trout caught and released.  When water temps are this cool and plenty of natural bait in our waters, I can’t stress enough a slow presentation.  We really have to keep that bait in front of the fish, we are not seeing fish chasing at all.

greg w-1Greg Henrich 24″ Pickerel Lake Walleye

John N-1John Ludwig 35″ Pickerel Lake Northern




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