Week 2

28 05 2013

Second week of walleye season is well under way and we are still hearing the same reports.  Some fisherman are finding them and others are not.  Anglers are still catching females that are hanging around their spawning grounds.  Your 15 to 18 inch fish have been hard to find so far this year.  Water temps are getting into the 50’s now and I believe you’ll start to see the males starting to bite more consistent.  There is definitely an advantage getting out early.  The morning bite has been good every day.  The most challenging thing seems to be getting out early, but hey, we are on vacation.  Trout action has been fantastic, lots of action.  The trout are still deep but if you can locate a school in 40 feet of water you can have a ball.  The bush hoppers are in town doing what they do best, catching fish!  The veteran “Rusty Haltom” caught a 28 ½  and a 26 inch walleye already this week, looks like he is showing the younger guys how to do it.


Three picks of the boys from Iowa.







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