Warming Up

30 05 2013


On May 18th there was ice still on many lakes.  Today water is already in the mid 50’s; hellgrammites, mayflies, and other larva are all hatching in many bodies of water. Fish that are being caught will be full of some sort of insect, a preferred food source for walleye.  Fish the windy shoreline and fish shallow.  “Bush hopper” Rusty Haltom had 70 quality walleye in his boat yesterday in shallow water where fish were feeding on larva, this was the ticket.  The area still is having mixed reports.  Some water temps on smaller lakes are heating up; close to 60 degrees, and the crappie are on.  Crappie spawn when temps are around 60, Eric and Scooter Gerths boated 18 nice crappie for a good feed yesterday.  When the Mayflies are hatching try and find a mud/rock bottom transition.  I like to fish slow and drag the bait sideways as opposed to an up and down motion.  Wind is always the key, stay on that windy shore, as the boys did from Iowa, don’t be afraid to get in shallow.  Royce Grimsrud and company took an adventure deep in the bush yesterday and hit a home run with the same theme in mind, shallow walleye feeding on larva.  Many fisherman get really discouraged when they  hear there is a Mayfly hatch, but don’t let it get you down.  The best thing about a hatch is the fish will be feeding.  Presentation and location will make for memorable days on the water.

Eric Gerths ham’n it up with a nice bunch of crappie.





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