Great Fishing!

12 06 2013

NW Ontario is experiencing excellent fishing.  Wether you are on big water or smaller lakes, fish are biting.  The general theme is lite jigs in shallow water.  Most anglers that are putting up big numbers are fishing in less than 8 feet of water 3 to 5 feet is hot right now.  Wind is a big factor where the fish are, you have to be in the wind.  There is so much bait out there right now and the fish are on the feed, let the wind tell you where to go.  Water temps are ranging in the low to high 60’s and the weeds are starting to green up.  Lots of food and oxygen in shallow water, grab your gear and let’s go fishing.


My buddy Colin Watson, who owns Little Canada Camp in has a cow and bull moose tag available for this fall.  Archery or gun.  Give him a call at 807.529.4422 if you are interested.  Great opportunity for an excellent hunt.  We are also running a deer hunt together this year and have room for one group,(maximum 5 hunters, end of October/November time frame)  You can give either one of us a call on the deer hunt.

A few select early spots available for fishing in 2014, give us a call for dates.


Golden Eye appreciate a spot to rest.  3 hens on top and 1 in the hole.


Ray and Muzzy from last week.





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