A Little Slow Down

26 06 2013

Weather and Mayflies are both playing a part in the recent slow down on some area lakes.  A massive Mayfly hatch has slowed things on some bush lakes and rivers, but it is not impossible to catch fish.  We have to use things to our advantage that we can control.  When the summer bite moves in and the sun is high with water temps on the rise daily, fishing between 10am and 4pm is not the most productive.  The morning bite is your best bet, during mid day you have to use the wind to your advantage.  Fish the basin’s that have the wind blowing in.  I like to fish shallow when the Mayfly hatch is happening, mud flats are my favorite.  Many times these spots do not look like a good walleye spot at all but this is where the Mayfly larva is.

Three generations of the Miller family are back and they would say fishing is anything but slow.  The gang left their Lund Pro-v at home and brought 4 wheelers instead.  The lakes that they are able to get to with these machines have been spectacular, big numbers and big fish.  Their fishing tactics are completely different from the norm but they really work.  All I can say is, try pulling some hard baits fast and cover a lot of water.  Water temps are in the 70’s on smaller water and fish are aggressive for the Miller Family.

Larger bodies of water are still a bit cooler and the fishing is good to excellent.  No real reports on musky yet but we’ll have musky fisherman in camp over the next few weeks and look forward to the stories.




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