Happy July

2 07 2013

Musky were semi active on Sunday.  A ½ day guiding trip yielded 1 fish in the boat, one lost fish and we raised 7
fish.  The water is 70 to 73 degrees on our musky water and weed growth is sparse.   With clear skies and warm weather all week,
it should make conditions for musky only better.  I prefer water temps to hit 75 degrees for the summer bite to really kick in.  Flats
next to deep water are where the fish seem to be.  If you were in a bay away from deep water you were not seeing fish.  Walleye fishing is
up and down depending on the lake you are on. Fish are moving daily and mayflies are hatching everywhere.  Pickerel Lake had a carpet of mayflies on the
surface.  My daughter Katy and I braved the hot calm afternoon yesterday and managed to put 15 walleye in the boat in just a couple of hours.  The fish house
is busy this afternoon with lots of nice fish brought in. Here are a couple of pics from last week.


Coulter Spidel (IA)




Bradley Spidel (IA) Nice Crappie!!



Josh Shultze (IA) Rare smile, nice fish.



Josh Miller (crank bait magician) (IA)




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