Great Year

15 07 2013

Fishing remains good to excellent in the NW Ontario region.  Small bush lakes are still yielding nice fish with good numbers.  Weed growth producing oxygen has helped these small lakes continue to yield fish this summer even though water temps were in the high 70’s.  This past week a few cold showers dropped water temps to the low 70’s and even high 60’s on some bigger bodies of water.  This drop in temperature has made musky fishing challenging.  Guys are boating maybe one fish and are only averaging seven follows.  Not reacting on the figure 8, the musky seem to be lazy.  Water temps are back on the rise and we look for a more aggressive bite by the end of the week.  Walleye fishing on big water has been very good and some anglers are still having great days on smaller water.  The fish have been shallow, weeds and rock close to deep water is key.  12 feet and under is where you need to be.  The bigger walleye seem to be shallow.  Mark LaBeau (IL) landed several nice walleye yesterday while fishing Pickerel Lake, including a 27 inch walleye.  Mayflies are still hatching in some areas but for the most part should be done.

frank walleye

Frank Cavanagh (IL)


mtTony and Madi Altiery


bradBrad Porter (IL) 46″ Musky


tTony Altiery  40″ tiger

john walleyeJohn Harvey (IL)





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