Summer Fun on the Flats

31 07 2013

Fishing in NW Ontario remains pretty awesome!  Seems to be the year of big fish.  All the reports that I have heard have been very good with an unbelievable amount of quality fish.  Water temps have stayed in the 60’s and 70’s for the most part and whether you are on small or big water fishing over all is still excellent.  Just a few days of unstable weather, may fly hatch, or very hot temperatures made the fishing slow down.  We are still finding excellent numbers and quality of fish on main lake flats, 6 to 8 feet of water, fishing a jig and minnow.  Guys have tried fishing deeper and are mostly catching smaller fish.  Not much to report on the musky front, cool temps have kept the lunge fairly quiet.  Boating one or two fish a day for the experienced is still the norm.  Bear season is right around the corner and days in the bush should bring in a few good stories very soon.  Betty and I made a trip to the outpost and almost completed an 8 x 20 screen in porch, should be more comfortable to have some spirits outside after a long day of reeling in walleye.



Betty and I snuck out to give the flats a try, really good day.  Lots of 22 to 24 inch walleye and they were thick!

b1-1Nice 26 incher!







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