It’s Been A While

11 09 2013

Fishing in 2013 has not changed in August or September. August is usually the slowest month for fishing in NW Ontario, and although it might not have been like a June bite, fish were still being caught.  Good numbers but the story of the year has been BIG fish.  The number of quality walleye that have been caught throughout the region is really unprecedented.    Weather you were on Pickerel Lake in Perrault Falls or the English River in Ear Falls or anywhere else for that matter, you caught big fish.  Looking back I cannot remember a week that was slow throughout.  The water temps had much to do with an extended bite this year.  Mid July to mid August was unseasonably cold which brought water temperatures back down into the 60’s.  Quality fish stayed active and shallow, 8ft of water was the ticket the entire year for many people.

Busy with our Bear hunt kept a void in fresh blogs.  The first week of our bear hunt was business as usual, everyone seen bear and had great hunts.  The second week was a different story.  We experienced the heat wave that many of you had in late August and for us the bear turned nocturnal for the most part.  Although we went 2 for 4 that week our hunters in my opinion did not see enough animals to call it a good hunt.  Jason Carr (MN) did stick out a tough week and shot his first bear which was a mature boar close to 300 lbs.

We really only have two more weeks of fisherman and the archery moose hunt will already be starting next week.  Another awesome year is winding down and fall is right around the corner.  A trip to the outpost yesterday showed signs of leaves changing, moose rubbing, and ruff grouse on the roads.  We are looking forward to good hunting stories from all of you.

Bradley and Ashton Spidel (IA) are pictured below with some nice September fish.



Jason Carr (MN) and Brian Sindt (IA) with there mature black bears.




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