11 10 2013

Fishing throughout September and so far in October has been good to very good.  Bush lakes seemed to be top on the list, the fall bite started early and really hasn’t slowed down at all.  Many of our highly fertile lakes in the area started their annual blue/green algae blooms at the end of August this year but it really did not affect the fishing at all, maybe not the prettiest water to fish but the bite was still on. ( Algae blooms are usually caused by a rapid increase in the population of algae) The musky bite was still fairly slow in September but around the 3rd week I heard of reports of fish being boated.  We were able to get on the water over the last few days and boated 5 decent muskies.  Rifle moose season also opened on the 5th of October, and with 28 hunters in camp they managed to harvest 6 nice animals.  Our bow season for moose was difficult to say the least for many groups.  We had a small window around the 20th of September that gave hunters opportunities but after that weekend, warm weather slowed the moose activity  down.  I have been guiding Rob and George Hamm for several years and George harvested a beautiful 44” bull moose on the 3rd day of our hunt.  We actually heard or seen 7 animals that day.  Weather has been unseasonably warm but sure makes being on the water pleasurable.

Jeff Farr* Nice fish from Asterisk Point



Andrew Campbel







Scott Spitel “Musky Magician”



Tony Muir with two nice fish.




photo (8) photo (10)

Rocky and Timmy Joliet Illinois



Boys from Oakwood/Bobcaygeon Ontario





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