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23 10 2013

With things pretty much closed up around camp it must be time to get in a tree.  Early reports of deer movement is not very good at all.  Dryden (agriculture area) has a great population of deer but many of the small pockets of bush deer seem to be getting smaller.  Wolves and 2 out of 3 tough winters may have hurt the deer population more than we expected, BUT, I am an optimist and will be in a tree regardless of the reports.   The moose have been moving as of late and reports of successful hunters are on the rise.  Even though we have open water,  I have not heard of anyone fishing in our area, I do know the whitefish are spawning and a few people have been out dip netting whitefish but the next fishing report will be when the water gets hard. Weather is getting cooler and we do have a skiff of snow on the ground, looking forward to upcoming deer reports.

Big thanks go out to the Regulators who invited me on an awesome waterfowl hunt in Manitoba last week, looking forward to do it again.

reg1 duck1-1


A nice pic from our archery season.  I have been guiding Rob and George Hamm for 9 years now and hunting with the two of them could not be better, Thanks guys!

george moose-1



Roy Spooner and company Harvested this 54 1/2 inch bull at our Ogani outpost one week ago.

ogani m 1-1



Guide Scott Ellery with Todd Schroeder and a picture of Tyler Schoeder below.  Tyler had a few days to explore after he got his moose and the father and son team found a lake with brook trout that were willing to bite.





Nice Brook Trout




This is a picture of a moose taken by the Brian Ellery group in the Red Lake district, truly an awesome animal.  A little over 60″.





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24 10 2013
Betty Frankovich

Great pictures!! Looks like fun!

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