The Rut is ON!

9 11 2013

Just a quick update on our deer movement.  November is Deer Time and we hope those of you in the woods are having a safe and fun hunting season.  Although most deer movement happens at night, November is the time to catch that buck of a lifetime with his guard down during daylight hours.  Deer movement is not bad in our area, but sighting and sign of mature bucks is awful.  We really cannot sugar coat it any other way.  I have hunted 6 full days and one morning and have seen 10 different bucks and one of those was at least 4 ½ years old, really not that bad right?  The sign just is not there and all the reports from our region are the same.  2 out of 3 winters were bad but the length of winter last year took its toll on older bucks.  I’m still having fun and getting to see a good number of bucks, I hope all of you are as well. Get out and enjoy the outdoors, life is short, November is shorter and December is usually Yes Dear Time.


A couple of younger bucks that I rattled in the last two days.

d1-1 2-1




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