Having Fun in The Woods

12 11 2013

More mature deer have been seen either on trail camera’s or on the move.  Our deer log is starting to add up a few nice deer.  I personally have seen from the stand 5 deer 3 ½ yrs or older.  Yes, down from previous years but trying to be an optimist there are a few decent deer out there.  Many of the 150 class and larger are still doing most of their traveling at night, guess that’s one reason they get so big.  I watched a 135 inch 9ptr yesterday from the stand and almost hit a 150 class 10pt with my truck on the way in.  Temps in the single digits made for a challenging day in the tree.  If you hunt where temps are below freezing the” Heater Body Suit” is a must.  There is no way I could have lasted all day without one.

With the recent cold spell, small creeks and small lakes are now iced over.  Winter is surely creeping in and the count- down for spring time fishing will start very soon.


Scott Ellery arrowed this 9 pointer yesterday at 1pm.






Mature buck from a buddies trail camera a few days ago.

nice deer 2013




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