30 01 2014

With cold weather pretty much throughout North America the only thing going on is visions of springtime fishing.  The weather even makes ice fishing reports non-existence.  The cold weather and high winds have kept most fisherman at home by the wood stove.  We have heard a few good reports of walleye catches but not to many trout reports.  Ice and slush conditions vary from lake to lake.  We have an abundance of snow this year so even getting around is a challenge.  Hopefully temperatures will start to warm and we can get some nice pics of cold water walleye on the blog.  The amount of snow unfortunately will decimate our deer heard and with early reports of a poor moose count we are lobbying Mother Nature for an early spring.  After such a great year of fishing in 2013 , a poor year in 2012, it will be quite interesting to see how 2014 will unfold.  

We would like to thank all of you who follow our blog, we just went over 41,000 views.

PCC has just a couple spots open in May and June at our main camp and has one prime week open at the outpost.  Walleye opener is always the 3rd Saturday in May,  (May 17th).  Musky season opens the 3rd Saturday in June.  Bring your 1/32 oz. gear and try for some crappie this year.  Our area has had an explosion of crappie in the last few years and now many lakes have a fishable population.

Betty and I are looking forward to get back to work and to see many of you this spring.  Try and stay warm, spring will be here before you know it.




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30 01 2014

Keep the blog’s coming!!!!!! I’m not a client there, but i have been in the past and i really enjoy reading about Pickerel Creek Camp !!!!! The camp was always a nice place to go to,…but you have outdone yourself and made it even better!!!! Ill be back one day to Bear Hunt when the time is right!!!!

14 02 2014
Jeff Goelz

thanks for the update…we are under 106 days til camp….can’t wait!

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