Lighten Up

17 02 2014

Cabin fever has many dreaming of open water and wishing they were catching some springtime walleye.   Couple of basic tips below just might help those visions happen.  “Lighten Up” your rod, line, and bait.  We get asked a lot, what is the perfect walleye rod? Of coarse this varies from fisherman to fisherman, but you can’t go wrong with a 6′ 6″ medium light graphite rod and a 1500 series spinning reel.  St.Croix rod company has mid to high end rods that will cover all the bases.  Everyone should have at least one high end rod if possible, the sensitivity and feel greatly differs in the quality of the rods.  You get what you pay for.  I have been changing over the years to lighter line. If you are not afraid of break offs, 6 lbs. low visibility is a line that will enable you to get more bites. If you are using braided line be sure to use a mono or floro-carbon leader.  When jig fishing for walleye try and use the lightest jig possible while still remaining in contact with the bottom.  Start with an 1/8 oz., never go over a 1/4 oz.  Much of this depends on the type and depth of water, but if you are lake fishing 15ft or shallower an 1/8 oz. jig is plenty heavy.  Good boat control will keep your bait in the strike zone.  

If you are looking out your window and see nothing but snow, why don’t you head down to your local tackle shop and treat yourself to a new walleye set up for this spring.  Here’s your cure for cabin fever.

6 1/2 medium light graphite rod

1500 spinning reel, spooled with 6 or 8 lbs low vis line. Try 6lbs this year.

1/8 oz jig head

The recipe for successful walleye fishing… Enjoy


Just talked to my buddy in Ear Falls, people got out walleye fishing north of town over the weekend and reports were pretty good.  Ogani Lake and others in the area have been producing nice limits of fish.  If the wind would die down the fishing would be much more enjoyable.  Trout fishing has been just fair from the reports we have gotten.





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